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Prices are subject to change without notice.

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Cotton candy machine 40.00
Popcorn machine photo 40.00
Snowcone machine photo 40.00
Cappuccino machine Call for pricing.
Hot dog roller 45.00
Frozen drink machine 50.00-90.00
Frozen drink machine mix 15.00/carton
Dance Floor
Oak parquet (any size) –3x3 sections (installed) 12.00 each
Portable staging 4x4 sections (installed) 24.00/section
Stairs 28.00 each
DJ in a Box (machine & speakers) 250.00/weekend
Knives 0.25 each
Forks 0.25 each
Spoons 0.25 each
Steak knives 0.25 each
Salad forks 0.25 each
Soup spoons 0.25 each
Water goblets photo 0.40 each
Punch cups 0.40 each
Beer glasses photo 0.40 each
Red wine glasses photo 0.40 each
White wine glasses photo 0.40 each
Champagne glass – 4 oz. 0.40 each
Tulip glasses – 9 oz. photo 0.40 each
Highball glasses photo 0.40 each
Cream & sugar bowl set 1.00 each
Salt & pepper shakers 0.50 each
Beer pitchers 1.00 each
Irish coffee mugs photo 0.55 each
Martini glasses photo 0.55 each
Guest Accommodations, Baby Equipment & Household Items
Lawn stork 20.00/day | 30.00/week
30” rollaway bed 15.00/day | 30.00/week
Highchair 10.00/day | 15.00/week
Porta-crib 15.00/day | 25.00/week
Coat racks 20.00/day | 30.00/week
Bike rack 22.00/day | 32.00/week
Bike rack – 3-carrier 22.00/day | 32.00/week
Cartop carriers 35.00/week